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Saint Bartholomew's Church 1979

Saint Bartholomew's Church 1979
St. Bartholomew's Church, Carlton. 1979
Saint Bartholomew's Church
Date August 1979
Location Carlton
Photo ID
JH012 & JH083

Top: St Bartholomew's Church at East Carlton which had been built as a school with living accommodation for a master.
It is now a private house.

Bottom: This building in East Carlton was formerly a school before it was consecrated as St Bartholomew's Church.
It is now a private house.
  • Margaret Barrington: When I lived at Carlton as a child I went to Sunday School here. The organist at the time, who lived in the adjoining cottage was called Mrs. Leaver. She used to help me with my music homework when I attended Benton Park.

  • Caroline White: Both of my sons were Christened here. First house on the right belonged to Tom Penny the milkman.

  • Briony Spandler: I was always told as a child that it was haunted...


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