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Bullstone 1979

Bullstone, Carlton 1979
The Bull Stone, Carlton. 1979
Date August 1979
Location Carlton
Photo ID

JH027 & JH084   

Top: The Bullstone is situated on Carlton Moor between Carlton and Otley Chevin.
It stands 6 feet high and is located near a Roman Road, giving rise to a theory that it was a Roman way marker.
Other suggestions for it's existence include one from historian Philemon Slater that, according to legend "Fastening bulls to it when they were baited by dogs, a custom still known to Carlton farmers".
Or could it be an old Yorkshire word "bull-steann" meaning a stone used as a whetstone to sharpen knives?
Others say the stone is just one of an ancient group.

Bottom: Bull Stone on Carlton Moor, in the past flints have also been found in the vicinity.


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