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Avro Anson Crash 1963

Avro Anson Crash, Carlton. 9th April 1963
Avro Anson Crash
Date 9th April 1963
Location Carlton
Photo ID
F383 & F384 Photo's are owned by Dave greenwood and were submitted by his son Paul.
This is the wreckage of an Avro Anson k11, registration G-ALXH which crashed into a field at Carlton on April 9th 1963.
The aircraft was owned by BKS Survey, on board were Captain Ronald Fox who was the pilot, John Symington the navigator and Malcolm Budd a photographer. Malcolm was aged 16 and it was his first flight, all three men escaped from the crash unharmed.
    The pilot had suspected that one of the two engines was on fire and shut it down but this type of aircraft was not designed to fly on one engine only consequently the crash occurred.
Immediately after the accident Captain Fox left the scene and did not return, an investigation found that both engines were in order.
   Comments from our facebook page 30th August 2015:
  • David Wooler Shared of LBA facebook page.....hope that is OK.

    Christine Flesher I remember this and going to have a look with my 

    Ian Lewis There was also a crash on Chevin in the late 80s

    John Wheatley I came home from school at lunchtime and was told by my dad about the crash who saw it drop behind the tree line. We got in the car and went to the crash site. Near the corner of Carlton and Cross Lanes.

    Rave-on Goose Kitchen In the mid to late 1960s there was another light aircraft crash. As children. We ran to the site. It was somewhere near the cemetery. Anyone know about it?

    John Wheatley This was the one at Yeadon Cemetery.

  • John Wheatley Another

    Jan Loreal Wilkinson Wasn't there one that crashed on the high street in Yeadon years ago too?

    Caroline White Alan Robinson will know but he is away on holiday this week.

    John Wheatley David Pullan worked for BKS Air Survey!


thanks to Paul Greenwood (son of the lovely Dave) I will show to Dave's friend and my brother Stuart Hoare from Yeadon Aerodrome days when I see him as I am sure he will remember too. Hi Paul and please say Hi to Dad Dave from me when you next see him. Regards from Val and Stuart
05 September 2015
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