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Anti Aircraft Gun Emplacement 2011

Carlton Gun Pits
Bill Reid VCA3.7 inch A A Gun
Anti Aircraft Gun Emplacement
Date 2011
Location Carlton
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FB147 + FB148 & FB149 Donated by Ken Cithliff

The fact that anti aircraft guns were sited in Carlton on one of the farms during the Second World War is widely known, but to be able to see them from the air makes such a big difference.

The images and information has been supplied to us by Ken Cothliff who is the Archivist for Leeds Bradford Airport.


"Existing to the west of the Avro Factory site, north of the airport is a rare relic of World War Two.

Often thought of as a "radar" site it is, in fact, a complete anti-aircraft gun emplacement for four 3.7" guns and central predictor/control bunker.

It is understood that few of these have survived so complete, according to the archivist of the Royal Artillery Museum in London.


TOP: It can be seen from the aerial photograph, taken in the summer of 2011, with the help of Capt. Chris Wood of Multiflight, four guns, with 3.7" (95mm) bore barrels were mounted on circular mounts (See left hand gun pit), and in the centre of the semi-circle of four guns was the 'Predictor unit' which helped determine the range and height of the enemy aircraft.

Middle: This photograph shows a 3.7" gun of the type used here now mounted at Fort Paull, near Hull.

Also shown is a predictor unit of the type used being shown to Fl. Lt. Bill Reid VC, who won his award flying a Yeadon-built Lancaster on 3 November 1943.


Bottom: Often these guns were manned by female gun crews, but the Yeadon guns were manned by 1st/6th Battalion the Duke of Wellington's Regiment."



Bill Reid VC BSc. also visited the Avro Factory at Yeadon on a moral boosting tour in December 1943, along with the four surviving members of his crew and thanked the Avro workers for their contribution to the war effort.
He was presented with a silver model of a Lancaster by the works manager H W Harper.
22 May 2013
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