Aireborough Historical Society

The Society was founded in 1957 to record and preserve the history of Aireborough, which consists of:-
  • Yeadon
  • Guiseley
  • Rawdon
  • Carlton
  • Hawksworth
  • Esholt
  • High Royds - Hospital

January 2021

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Back-Chat spoken history

The Back-Chat Collection
A collection of interviews with mainly Aireborough folk on a whole host of subjects which is added to every week.


 New to The AHS Collection - 15th January 2021

M951 - Empire Day celebrations at Yeadon Aerodrome 1938.

M978 - An undated photograph of Kirk Lane Mill, which was built in 1868. 

M780 - A lovely undated photograph of a Rawdon Cobblers Shop.

N562 - A beautiful photograph of Shirley Newton the 1946/47 Yeadon, Rose Queen.

M999 - A gathering of workers outside the AVRO factory 1945.

Editor's Note

Aireborough Historical Society are pleased to announce a valuable addition to this site by providing a return link (at the top of this page) to Carlo Harrisons 'The Back Chat Collection' .

Jack Brayshaw


The new consolidated pages of St. Peter's (C of E) Primary School, has renewed interest with the submission of a number new photographs. U870 - A sewing class, but can tell what the girl third from the left is making? click here to find out  

                           National School 1861 to St. Peter's (C of E) Primary School (2)

          By kind permission of Val Ryan   
Have you an old group family photograph or of a wedding or birth or even of a favourite building or scene that you would like to share on the AHS Home Page or to see again?  If so, please enquire to Jack Brayshaw via email to: for further details.



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Whilst the AHS website contains a wealth of information it does not contain all the photos, documents and maps which we hold.

Grateful thanks to Carlo Harrison who instigated digitising the collection and created this AHS website.

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