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Yeadon Postcard 1905

yeadon postcard 105
Postcard of Yeadon
Date 1905
Location Yeadon
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Top left, view of St. John's church Yeadon, consecrated 1844.

To the right is the High Street, here referred to as "Main Street".

This image is looking from the top of the Steep across to Town Hall Square, the tower of the Town Hall can be seen to the right.

The premises of Rawnsley's confectioners/grocers shop is in the middle, this building was demolished and replaced by the Co-op ( L.I.C.S ), now housing Yeadon library.

Left circle is Gill Lane which leads from Otley Road to Esholt.

Yeadon Town Hall is in the centre, the right circle shows Yeadon Stoop stone looking in the direction of Pool-in Wharfedale along Harrogate Road.

The land on the right is now a packing warehouse but had been the premises of A.V. Roe, used during WW2 for the construction of Lancaster aeroplanes.

Bottom left a view of Nunroyd Park, to the right is Yeadon Dam.