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Yeadon Picture House Advertisements 1940s

Picture House Advertisement
Date 1940s
Location Yeadon
Photo ID
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A "wanted" advertisement for a mother's help, it would have been shown on screen in the cinema.

 An advertisement for the Yorkshire Evening News to be shown in the cinema.

The YEN was first published in November 1872 as the Leeds Daily News, the name was changed in 1905.

In 1929 it became part of the Provincial Newspaper Group, the last issue was on December 3rd 1963, the printing works on Trinity Street in Leeds was sold and subsequently demolished.


 An advertisement for the Yorkshire Evening News illustrated with the image of a football match.

It was on a glass slide and would be projected onto the cinema screen.


 A Yorkshire Evening News advertisement promoting the story of "Bomber" Harris.

Air Marshall Arthur "Bomber " Harris was in charge of Bomber Command 1942 - 1945 during WW2.

He believed that bombing enemy civilian targets would shorten the war and ultimately save the lives of allied forces.

In May 1942 over 1,000 bombs were dropped on Cologne which did a vast amount of damage, raids continued on other cities including Hamburg, Berlin and the notorious raid on Dresden.

In February 1945 Dresden was carpet bombed which caused a fire storm, bringing extensive destruction and great loss of life.

His actions and beliefs were and still remain controversial, he was very bitter that no specific medals were issued to the crews of Bomber Command.

It is only recently that the courage and valour of the men who carried out these missions has been officially recognised.


 Advertisement promoting the adventures of "Sammy Snail" in the Yorkshire Evening News.

Yorkshire Evening News advertisement on a glass slide.

 A Yorkshire Evening News advertisement illustrated with a horse race.

 Advertisement promoting a gossip column in the Yorkshire Evening Post.

September 1947: 

This was a promotion by the Aireborough Road Safety Committee for Motorists Week, a demonstration was given by the police on Albert Square.

January 1947            

Aireborough Road Safety Committee announcement of "Parent's Week" to be shown in the cinema.

Advertisement on a glass slide for a "Pedestrian Safety Week" to be projected onto the cinema screen.


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