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Yeadon New School, Chapel Hill

New School, Chapel Hill Title
Yeadon New School
Date Undated
Location Chapel Hill
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This building was erected in 1824 on what was then called School Hill.
It was intended to provide education for the children of Methodists but soon admitted children of other denominations.
It was administered by 8 trustees, each pupil was charged 3d a week for their education.
When South View school opened in 1884 the children were transferred there.
The building was also utilised by the Yorkshire Penny Bank when it was still in operation as a school, the bank's first branch in Yeadon was opened here.
Banking business was carried out on Saturday evenings between 6pm-7pm
In 1909 it was purchased by Jonathan Peate, it is still in use as the Conservative Club.




just a slight correction the bulding is used as the constitutional club
25 August 2019
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