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Spitfire Yeadon Aerodrome 1948/9

Spitfire, Yeadon Aerodrome. 1948/9

Spitfire Yeadon Aerodrome
Date 1948/9
Location Yeadon
Photo ID
Comment This image was donated by Michael Clements.
The information from several people given to us when the photo appeared on our facebook page is:

  • It is a Spitfire LF mark XVIe and that photo is either 1948 or 1949.
  • RAP was the squadron code for 609 squadron between 1946 and 1949.
    Still further: pointy tailfin a were a feature from mark VII on. Statistically, therefore, that's probably a mark IX.

Adam Dixon Basically it is a MkIX, but with a Packard Merlin 266 making this a MkXVI. This type was operated by 609 (West Riding) Squadron and TB911 was flown by 603 and then 609 Squadrons. The code 'RAP-F' further identifies this a/c as a LF MkXVI e, and this type was on charge with 609 Sqn from April '48 to February '51. The Squadron code 'RAP' was allocated to 609 Sqn from May '46 into 1949, so dating this photograph no earlier than April '48.


If the registration no is TB911 which it appears to be then the photo was taken in 1948. That is the year this aircraft was taken out of service..
10 June 2014
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