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South View School 1950s

South View School
Date As Shown
Location Yeadon
Photo ID
K276 & K276A     Donated by George crompton
PU077     Donated by Ken & Jean Jones, nee Richardson
1955: The school junior football team 1954/55, names have been noted.
Teacher at the back is George Crompton.

1958: School group with names supplied by the donors Ken & Jean Jones (nee Richardson).



1950s: Photo taken on a school trip to Switzerland, donated by Howard German who is the boy holding the camera.

Others in view were :

Dave Gibson    Jack Taylor    Pete Winterburn   Mr & Mrs Hepastall


Class photo, back row from left to right  :

   ?      ?      ?     ?    Mary Close      Kathleen Salmon    Christine Robinson   Anne Taylor

Anthea Brown    ? 

2nd row down from left to right :

Jose Stelling    ?     ?     ?     Anne Watkinson*     ?    Diane Dale      ? 

3rd row down from left to right :  

Angela Johnson     ?     ?     Beryl Claughton    Ivy Cudworth     Sandra Myers 

Anne Ambler       Doreen Lacy      Carol Hardwick 

Front row from left to right:

Maureen O'Sullivan     Angela Ryder      ?     Maureen Batter      Sonia Utley     ?

Standing at the back, one of the teachers is Miss Parkinson

Donated by Anne Copeland nee Watkinson* who also supplied the names.


1950s: The school choir taking part in Ilkley Music Festival.

Donated by Anne Copeland nee Watkinson


1959: Back row from left to right : Edward Harrison,   Graham Monk,   Gerald Booth,   

Michael Ryley,   David Emsley,   Brian Oddy,   Alan Wood,   John Waite,   David Dowson,  peeking from behind are Ian Farrer and Roger Holgate

3rd row from left to right ;  Mr Blakely   Peter Clayton   James Brook   Michael Kennedy

Trevor Ingleby   Colin Yeadon   Michael Wood   Toni Cooper   Peter Steel

2nd row from left to right : Anjela Johnson   Anne Ambler   Ann Noble   Kathleen Salmon

Beryl Wilkinson    Anne Watkinson   Valerie Hobson   Dorothy Ellison    Christine Hibbert

Front from left to right : Peter Long   Tony Green   Richard Goodyear   Ivy Cudworth

Josie Stelling    Dorothy Smithies     Paul Worthington    Leonard Mainprize

The class in the year behind would be the first to go on to the new Benton Park School

Photo donated by Anne Copeland nee Watkinson who also gave the names.


1952/3: Junior football team,the donor of the image George Crompton is on the right.



Pupils named by the donor of this image Howard German are : Behind the shield is Ian Kitchen, Keith Teal, Lee Womersley, Barbara Myers, Pat Berry, Tony Mallinson, Carlo Harrison and Howard is himself in the group.


Keith Parker
Keith Parker
well well well uncle Jim looking cool
he is still with us but his wife Kathleen died last year

Keith Parker
26 February 2018
Sam Kilburn
Sam Kilburn
These are the teachers my wife taught with and she would have been on this photograph but she took time out to have our children born 1955 and 1957
27 February 2018
Ken Lee
Ken Lee
Football team. Young Britton's first name was (and hopefully, still is) David. His dad was a policeman and they lived on Marshall Street
19 July 2018
Peter Brittle
Peter Brittle
I still remember this school trip to Switzerland. I am the second on the left and I am fairly sure that the boy who is third from the right is David Walker. I Started at South View in the September of 1957 when I was 11 and moved to Benton Park in September 1959 when the school this trip would have been in 1958 or 1959.
20 July 2018
Stephen Crossley ft
Stephen Crossley ft
1952/3 team. I recall left to right. Back row Alan Close,?, Stephen Crossley,?, Arthur Mole,? Middle row ?, Jim Innes. Keith Brayshaw. John Barham. As for the others I can't remember
29 June 2019
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