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Rufford Park Bowling Club

Rufford Park Bowling Club
Rufford Park Bowling Club ReverseRufford Park Bowling ClubRufford Park Bowling Club
Rufford Park Bowling Club
Date Undated
Location Yeadon
Photo ID
B395 + D084 & FB237 Image Donated by Helen Stubbs
Top: Rufford Park Bowling Club is entered from Rufford Crescent, it was established Circa 1910.
Only professional men were allowed to join, ladies were not even allowed into the club house unless signed in by a member except for a "Ladies Day" once a year.
It was not until 1992 that women were accepted as members, the first lady member was Mrs Carol Wright.
She formed the first ladies bowling team in 1993 since then they have been very successful.

Upper Middle: A message on the reverse reads:
"Dear Mrs Whitaker Thank you for your card and we are so pleased that you like Folkeston and hope the weather is fine. ? and ? have had a very nice time in Scotland and come back next Sunday to fetch the children. We are missing them very much and it is very quiet without the little folk. Wishing you all another enjoyable week with kind regards from all of us, Maude Wilson"

Sent to Mrs T Whitaker staying in Folkeston.

Lower Middle: This was the original clubhouse, it has since been replaced.

Bottom: This must have been a special Ladies Day as initially only men were allowed to join.
In the background on the left are houses on South View Terrace, directly behind the bowling green are houses on Rufford Crescent.


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