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Rufford Park Bowling Club

Rufford Park Bowling Club, Yeadon
Rufford Park Bowling Club, YeadonRufford Park Bowling Club, YeadonRufford Park Bowling Club, Yeadon
Rufford Park Bowling Club
Date Undated
Location Yeadon
Photo ID
FB445 + FB446 + FB447 & FB448
Top: Bowling Club members in fancy dress for a social occasion.

Upper Middle: On the left is David Kirkbright, his wife Debbie is beside him.
The girl wearing the scarf in the centre is Pam Robinson.

Lower Middle: On the left is Debbie Kirkbright, the other girl is Pam Robinson.

Bottom: Bowling Club member David Kirkbright is on the left, moving right are Debbie Kirkbright, Pam Robinson and Graham Robinson.


The older couple in the upper middle photo are George and Marjorie Kirkbright, Davids mother and father.
21 December 2013
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