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Yeadon Old Brass Band 1905

Yeadon Old Brass Band

Yeadon Old Brass Band
Date 1905
Location Yeadon
Photo ID
Brass Band assembled in uniform complete with drum!
The band was founded in 1850 by William Hudson and William Taylor.
For several decades they played with their own instruments or new as the band were able to acquire them.
In 1900 they were able to buy a complete new set of instruments from Boosey & Co London for the sum of £200.
This enabled the band to produce a consistent uniform sound.
They rehearsed in available rooms and have never had a band room of their own. They became an integral part of Yeadon life, playing at most public events.
Their was a strong family tradition within the band, generation following generation. One of the most recognised members was Walter Jackson, a member for over 50 years, he died in 1940 having been conductor for 30 years.
During this time the band won 37 prizes and he was awarded 7 medals for conducting.
Ladies were able to join from 1930.
The band still plays on, now rehearsing in Yeadon library.




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