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Multi-view Postcards 1910

Multiview Postcard

Multi-View Post Cards
Date 1910
Location Yeadon
Photo ID
K238     Donated by Edith and Roger Pratt
1: Top left, St John's Church situated between Henshaw Lane and Otley Road (A65). Top right, Yeadon High Street looking towards Silver Lane.
Bottom left Yeadon Park which opened in 1907.
The land for the park was donated by Jonathan Peate, owner of Nunroyd Mill.
Bottom right is Yeadon Dam (Tarn) a circular depression which fills with water to form a natural lake, on old maps it is called a fish pond.
Circular view on the left is Gill Lane which branches off the bottom of Henshaw Lane, crosses the A65 and on towards Esholt..
In the centre is Yeadon Town Hall.
The circular view on the right is of the Long Stoop, this is the highest point on the Dudley Hill to Killinghall turnpike road and is known as Crown Point.
The pillar was erected in 1884, replacing an earlier stone which was struck by lightning.
It was possibly a way marker across Yeadon Moor or a sighting post across the boggy ground around Yeadon Dam.
It is not in this exact position now, having been moved when work was carried out for improvements to Leeds Bradford Airport.


2: In the centre is Yeadon Fountain, top left shows the bottom of the High Street at the corner with Silver Lane.

Top right has the opposite side of the High Street at the junction with Ivegate, bottom left is Wormald's grocers and Wormald's Yard located on the Steep (Town Street).

Bottom right is a view of Ivegate.


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