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Leeds Bradford Airport 1980s

Leeds Bradford Airport 1980s

Leeds Bradford Airport
Date As Shown
Location Yeadon
Photo ID
I066     Photographer Dennis Court
1980s: A plane which had been damaged by hailstones.

  • John Wheatley The aircraft is a BAC 111 belonging to Dan Air

    Adrian Harper The old Dan Air and Aer Lingus 737s were window rattlingly loud and used to leave great trails of smoke behind them!

    Andy Bell That would be a Vickers Viscount. I really miss the musical sound of one taking off over Yeadon Banks. You'd get one of those, a jet of some description and a mixture of assorted light aircraft. Different to these days when I counted 15 jets parked with possibly more hidden behind the terminal.


February 1980: These photos were donated by Ian Wray who told us " A plane which was unable to stop at the end of the runway at LBA after landing in snow.

I took the photos from Harrogate Road (Victoria Avenue).

It happened on a weekday and I took these after arriving home from work, the quality is not great as there wasn't too much light and I didn't have a tripod.

I think the aircraft had gone through the fence at the end of the runway but had possibly been towed back a short distance by the time I arrived "

     Information from "Yeadon Above the Rest" by Ken Cothliff.

On 4th February 1980 a sudden severe snowstorm engulfed the airport, against advice the pilot of a Cessna 404 G Wing tried to land when all other flights had been cancelled. After several attempts to land the plane came down midway on the runway and overshot through the boundary fence onto Harrogate Road which was subsequently closed for several hours. The pilot  was not injured.


1980s: A sign for LBA, "Extension to Runway, Completion Late 1984".

Donated by Andrew Emsley


Early 1980s: Aerial view of the airport, in the centre is the control tower, in the top right corner the runway extension is under construction.

Donated by Rosemary Molinari


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