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Ledgard's Bus Tickets

Ledgard's Bus Tickets
Date Undated
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D438 & D439 Donated by Dennis Court
A collection of bus tickets issued by the Samuel Ledgard bus company.


The very cumbersome and expensive Bell Punch tickets were superceded in the mid 1950s by the Setright system - one of the most versatile and easy to use machies ever - a real treat to work with and, using blank green rolls as in the top picture incurred minimal expense for the operating companies - the Setrights were very widely used throughout the Industry. Like many more I was long under the impression that the name came from the fact that they were easy to "set right" - not the case as unbelievably they were invented by a Mr. Setright !!

Information on the ticket was :- shillings and pence (later altered to decimal of course), stage boarded, date, ticket serial number, machine number and class of ticket. The ticket shown was from an Otley depot machine used by me many times - all the Ledgard machines were taken over in 1967 by West Yorkshire and retained their "SL" serial numbers with WY. The machines also totted up the takings in shillings and halfpence which made clerical work for conductors, one person drivers and office staff very simple.

05 September 2015
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