Kays Catalogue Payment Card 1956

Kays Catalogue Payment Card
Date 1956
Location Yeadon
Photo ID
CH076 & CH077     Donated by Carlo Harrison
Top: Olive Ashworth (nee Harrison) Payment Card, Yeadon.
A payment card for Kay & Co Ltd, Leeds 11.
Kay's were a catalogue company which had begun in Worcester around 1880, they expanded and eventually opened a Leeds operation in the 1950s based at an old flax mill in Holbeck.
This is Temple Works, a copy of an Egyptian temple at Edfu.
    Catalogues were supplied to agents twice a year covering a vast range of merchandise, the agent (in this case a D Plews) would show them to customers.
Any goods ordered were delivered to the agent who would receive a percentage commission on  all items which he/she had sold.
The agent gave the customer a payment card to record the weekly payments which were forwarded by the agent to the catalogue company.

Bottom: Interior of a weekly payment card for goods purchased from Kay's catalogue.
A bathroom spray (shower attachment?) had been bought by Olive Ashworth which cost £1.7.6d, payments of 2/- per week were made over 3 months until the final balance of 1/6d was paid.


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