Identity Card, J.W Slater 1943

Identity Card
Identity Card
Identity Card, J W Slater
Date 1943
Location Yeadon
Photo ID
HL018 & HL019
Top: National Registration Identity Card, there were several reasons why identity cards were introduced apart from the obvious need to prove a persons identity, the dislocation of the population due to mobilization into the Armed Forces and evacuation being one.
They were an essential for the authorities issuing ration books.
Also, the Government needed accurate population figures and data, the last Census having been taken in 1931.
   65,000 enumerators distributed the necessary forms to every household prior to Registration Day on September 29th 1939.
On that day householders filled in the forms with the required details, a few days later the enumerators collected the forms and issued the identity cards. Approximately 46 million cards were issued, everyone including children were registered and given an identity card.
All the cards were brown until 1943 when the colour of adult cards was changed to blue.
They had to be carried at all times and produced when necessary, this continued until 1952.

Bottom: This was the identity card of John William Slater, a Yeadon blacksmith.
The cards were printed to allow several changes of address as large numbers of the population were moving from home to home for work, evacuation, displacement after bombing etc.
Mr Slater moved from 79 to 91 Hawthorn Avenue, his identity card number KMBX 114 1 would later become his National Health Service number when the NHS began in 1947/48.

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