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Ivegate (section 2)

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Location Yeadon
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1907: On the left edge is a window belonging to White's newsagents and stationers shop, next, Ina Houlden watchmaker and jeweller.
W T Moore has a herbalists business at the premises on the High Street.
On the left edge are boards which belonged to painter and decorator Frederick J White.
Just beyond the boards a car seems to be causing a problem as two men peer into the engine.




Pre 1975: The small building is Bradley's wet fish shop, it was demolished in 1975, the site is now part of a car park. 


C1900/1990s: Old and new images of Ivegate.


Undated: View of Ivegate with Sandy Way on the left, the wall at the left edge is to the garden of Willow Cottage, once the home of William Kenion, a Wesleyan Methodist.

In 1852 a schism in the Wesleyan Methodist Church brought great dissension to the Yeadon congregation, leaflets had been published demanding reform which Kenion had read to his Bible Class, as a result he was expelled from the church and instead held meetings at Willow Cottage.

The reformers grew in number, they paid Kenion £100 for a site at the top of the High Street and built the "New Wesleyan Reform Chapel"

This eventually proved to be too small to accommodate a swelling number of worshippers, Queen Street Chapel was erected to replace it, the High Street Chapel  being used as a Sunday School and Lecture Hall until it was demolished in September 1973.

       On the right of Sandy Way a hanging sign is outside the Waggon and Horses Inn, in the distance is the Church Institute.

On Ivegate the building in the centre is the Cricketers Arms, the site is now a car park (November 2013).


2016: Great Outdoors closing down sale, the shop is situated on Ivegate at the corner with the Steep (Town Street) on the right.

Photographer Joanne Coultas


Ina Houldens shop later became the cut price shop,next door became the Abbey stores, then Marshalls shop at the top of the steep. Moores later became the post office and is now a restaraunt.
25 June 2013
trevor sessions
trevor sessions
my cousin jack gill had a bookies shop on ivegate for a number of years my dad dennis worked part time there as well
02 August 2018
THe bottom photo is just as I remember it when i was at school in the 30's,a that time the shop was Shaw Flesher's sweet shop then a couple of houses then Charlie Stuart's Barbers shop where i used to get my hair cut ,then another house belonging to Machels then the passage down to the bottom of the steep then the Cricketers Arms
17 June 2019
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