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Hunger Marchers 1913

Hunger Marchers
Hunger Marchers
Hunger Marchers
Date July 16th 1913
Location Yeadon
Photo ID
FB198     Donated by Sam Kilburn
M311     Donated by Mabel Harrison
I372     Donated by Peter Brittle
1: On the steps of Yeadon Town Hall are men who were preparing to walk on a Hunger March to highlight the plight of local clothing operatives during a management Lock-out.
The banner reads "Collecting for the Yeadon and Guiseley General Lock-out Fund. On behalf of 8,000 men women and children. Subscriptions Earnestly Solicited".
They marched from Yeadon to Blackpool.
Names supplied by Mabel Harrison are Mr Preston, Mr Kirkbright and Mr Jeffries.
Donated by Carlo Harrison

2:  Standing on the steps of Yeadon Town Hall are number 3 contingent of the Hunger Marchers.
The Hunger March took place during the lock-out of clothing operatives in the area, men decided to march to Liverpool to collect money to alleviate the suffering their families were undergoing and to publicize their plight.
A banner states "Collecting for Yeadon and Guiseley Lock-out fund", many of the men are holding collecting boxes.
The man on the far left is Sam Kilburn, grandfather of Sam Kilburn the donor of this image.
3: This image is of some of the men who were locked out of the mills during a dispute, a number of them went on a hunger march to Liverpool.
Carlo Harrison's aunt Mabel who was a local historian added some names to the photo :
Joseph Harrison, Carlo's great grandfather, Jack Harrison, his grandfather and Fred Harrison his great uncle. 
Also Tilly Windus, Mr Dixon and Mr Kitson who is touching the banner.
Unfortunately Mabel didn't give the positions of the men but Carlo thinks " On the front row 1st right is Jack, next Ted  then Joseph".

4: Men had been locked out of the local mills as the result of an industrial dispute.
They were called "Lockwood's Lambs" after Herbert Lockwood who was the Union Secretary, in July 1913 the men went on a hunger march to Blackpool to raise money for their families who were in dire need.


The following lin takes you to an article about the events of 1913.

There really should be some kind of marking of what happened this year as it is a 100 years in (I think) June.
17 February 2013
A year or so ago I sent Carlo a copy my mother Hilda Bailey made from the original diary kept by one of the men on the march. It gives all the details and makes very interesting reading.. Perhaps you can see her copy / the notebook via the society. Contact Carlo.
Shirley Bork ( nee Bailey )
08 April 2016
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