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Haworth Court 2015

Haworth Court Demolition
Date 2015
Location Yeadon
Photo ID
I170 + I171 & I172     Photographer Emily May Brimecombe
I188     Photographer Edwy Harling
N235 to N238 + K289 + K299 + K309     Photographer Joanne Coultas
K477 + K478 + K479 + L357 + L358 + L359 + M410 to M416     Photographer Edwy Harling
1,2 & 3: January: Demolition of the sheltered housing complex almost completed, the third image reveals a view hidden for many years.

4: Haworth Court sheltered housing complex has been demolished, it will be replaced by new facilities providing housing for those who need support.

5:6:7: & 8: The site of Haworth Court being cleared, a new development for people with extra needs  is being built here.
9: The final phase in the demolition of the sheltered housing complex, the clock tower of the Town Hall can be seen.
10 & 11: Only one block remains of Haworth Court, the rest of the site has been cleared.
12: 13 & 14: June 2015: Work beginning on the site previously occupied by Howarth Court, new homes are to be built for people with extra needs.
12: shows the old Church Institute on the right, the other 2 photos show the site from Silver Lane.
15: 16 & 17: Building work commences on the site of Haworth Court, L357 shows the perimeter fence on Silver Lane.
L358 the stone building seen on the right is the old Church Institute which is now apartments (August 2015), L359 looks across the site to North Terrace.

 August 24th 2015

Construction work on the site previously occupied by Haworth Court sheltered housing complex.


1st November 2015: Looking across from Silver Lane to  building in progress on the site where Haworth Court had stood.

In the centre the top of the old Church Institute can be seen, it is now converted into apartments (December 2015).

Photographer Carlo Harrison


September 2015: Construction of new homes for those with additional needs on the site of the former Haworth Court.

Photographer Edwy Harling


January 2015: Demolition of Haworth Court sheltered housing complex. 

A new development for people with additional needs is currently being built (February 2016)

Photographer Edwy Harling

January 2015: Demolition underway on the site of Haworth Court, the clock tower of Yeadon Town Hall rises above the town, to the right is a glimpse of the Church Institute which is now converted into apartments.

Photographer Phil Walker


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