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Haworth Court Demolition 2014

Haworth Court, Yeadon 2014
Haworth Court
Date November & December 2014
Location Yeadon
Photo ID
I094 + I095 & I096 Photographer Joanne Coultas
J070 & J071     Photographer Edwy Harling
N233 & N234     Photographer Joanne Coultas
H430 & H431     Photographer Carlo Harrison
H432     Photographer Dennis Court
H433     Photographer Edwy harling
I282 to I285     Photographer Joanne Coultas
K227     Photographer James Teale
1 - 5: Haworth Court sheltered housing complex just before and during demolition, new flats are to be built on the site.
6 & 7: Demolition of Haworth Court sheltered housing complex.

8 & 9: A sheltered housing complex due for demolition, a warden was on site to assist the residents.

10: Seen from Silver Lane, Howarth Court sheltered housing complex soon to be demolished.

11: The demolition of Howarth Court sheltered housing complex.15

12: to 15: The demolition of Haworth Court underway giving new perspective to views from the site.

16: Demolition of Haworth Court sheltered housing complex.


November 2014 / 2015: Haworth Court sheltered housing complex, the left view shows the building just before demolition began.

In the image on the right only one block of the complex is still standing.

New, as yet unnamed (January 2016) accommodation for those with additional needs is being erected on the site.

Photographer Joanne Coultas


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