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Hopeville House 1900

Date 1900
Location Yeadon
Photo ID
G208 + H223 + H224 + F478 + H298 + H448 + H459 + H461 + H462 + L255    Photographer E E Slater
1: Children making tea in the garden.
This was possibly one of the Queen Street Methodist Chapel garden parties, owner of Hopeville and photographer E E Slater was a Trustee of the chapel and welcomed chapel members to his home.
2 & 3: It was usual for E E Slater to invite the congregation of Queen Street Methodist Chapel to Hopeville on Whit Mondays, these are 2 of the images which he took to record the occasion.
4: Whit Monday gatherings at Hopeville seen through the lens of E E Slater.
5: Children in the garden of Hopeville House, behind them is the sundial which was stolen recently. (2014)
6: Children in the grounds of Hopeville House, home of amateur photographer E E Slater.
7: 18th May 1900 Two images of the garden taken at different times on the same day .
One taken at 8am when the garden is covered with snow, the second at 4pm when the snow has vanished and the garden restored to it's spring appearance.
8 & 9: A gathering in the grounds of Hopeville House, E E Slater entertained the congregation of Queen Street Chapel on some occasions.
10: A tug - of - war between men and women in the garden of Hopeville House, home of amateur photographer E E Slater. It is thanks to him that we have so many images of the Victorian / Edwardian eras.

C1900: View of Hopeville House and garden, it was the home of Ernest Ethelbert Slater and family.



C1900: Three different images titled "Nurse and child", taken by E E Slater on glass slides.

They are seen here in their present condition which shows the damage caused by time.



Slide image of the house taken by the owner Ernest Ethelbert Slater.


A woman and a girl in the greenhouse at Hopeville House, it is a clear image which shows details of Edwardian fashion. Photographer E E Slater


A slide taken in the garden of Hopeville House which shows a young boy in a sailor suit, he was a relative of the photographer E E Slater.


Images of children taken on slides by E E Slater, they are seen in the garden of Slater's home, Hopeville House.



Philip Peel
Philip Peel
I keep seeing photos or items relating to Hopeville House, but could someone kindly let me know where the house stands or stood?
17 August 2019
Hi Philip,
The house is still standing, divided into two large apartments.
It is at the top of Harper Lane just off to the right, sort of opposite Morrisons car park.
18 August 2019
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