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High Street (part 3)

High Street
High StreetHigh Street
High Street
Date Undated
Location Yeadon
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1: Opposite Town Hall Square, Whitegates now occupy the shop unit with the advertising on the side (November 2012).
The Yorkshire Bank was built where the butchers shop is seen here.
A delivery cart is waiting in the road, the butcher is wearing a striped apron and meat is displayed outside the shop.
On the right edge is a sweet shop.
   The hoarding has several advertisements: a trip to Scarborough on the N E Railway costs 2/3d, bicycles are for sale at £6 and can be purchased for 5/- per month. Yeadon Waterworks have banned the swilling of flags (pavements) and watering gardens.

2: Robert Howard's shop is on the right with steps up to it.
He was a paper merchant and also sold stockings, this was facing the Town Hall.

3: The young boy on the pavement is outside Providential House which was Harrison's clothing shop.
The hanging sign in the centre advertises J Midgeley waggonette hire, their stables were on the opposite side of the High Street.
On the right is Yeadon Post Office, the wall letter box has the initials VR- Victoria Regina.
The cart belongs to John Dibb of Bradford, a corn merchant.
4: Looking down the Steep (Town Street) from the bottom of the High Street. Ivegate is off to  the left and Silver Lane to the right, In the background is a snowy view of the moors.

Undated: View of the High Street, on the left is "Rice" restaurant then Help the Aged charity shop.


P237 Undated / 1950s          High Street, Yeadon

"Before & after" views of the High Street, on the left the shop in the centre facing was run by George Holgate who sold game and rabbits, he was nicknamed "Noisy" Holgate. The taller building behind was Poll Marsden's lodging house, these properties were demolished in 1925 to create the Town Hall Square. To the right, at the corner with the square was Womersley's store, for many years this became a dry cleaners and is now a tea shop.

     In the 1950s image the Post Office is on the left, the Post Office was transferred to the top of the High Street and the building seen here has had several incarnations as various restaurants. Gallons grocers is seen next to the Post Office, facing Town Hall Square was a branch of the Leeds Co-op this now houses Yeadon One Stop Council centre and library. On the roadside to the right is a concrete bus shelter, this design was used in Aireborough. Martin's dry cleaners is on the corner with the square, this is a tea shop at present (2015)


Undated: On the left is the Clothiers Arms before it became one of the Wetherspoon chain of pubs.

Moving right, the glass entrance is to Morrison's store, the clock tower of the Town Hall can be seen towards the right.


Undated: Looking across from outside the Clothier's Arms which is out of view on the left to the corner with Marshall Street.

Blockbusters video outlet is in what was the Leeds Co-op store, on the other corner is an estate agents, moving right  Elle Louise fashions, Thompson (Tui) travel agency, Oxfam, Betfred and Rosie Pound selling cards and assorted goods.


June 1911: Festivities to mark the Coronation of King George V, crowds in front of the Town Hall, in the background on the left is Robert Howard's stocking and paper goods shop.

Image taken by Ernest E Slater.


1918: Peace celebrations in Town Hall Square, a band playing and flags flying to mark the end of WW1.


The top one of the two doors behind the lamp post was the post office where I got my form to join the navy in 1941
25 June 2013
Robert Davey
Robert Davey
Robert Howard was my Great-Great-Grandfather, on my mother's side.
29 August 2017
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