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Green Lane Cricket Club 1960

Green Lane Cricket Club
Date 1960
Location Yeadon
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The team won the Dales Council Cricket League Cup in 1960.
The team were, back row left to right :
Walter Luty (scorekeeper), Edward Lennon, Barry Coultas, Bernard Graham, Gerald Marshall, Jim Tillotson and Jack Driver.

Front row left to right :  
Malcolm Dibb, Ronnie Lawson, Denis Exley, Geoffrey Yeadon and Norman Cousins

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  • Rick Hartley Barry Coultas my friends dad

    Lawrence Walker Looking at the photo again Rick I think Geoff Yeadon second from the right on the front row is Gary Yeadon

  • Lawrence Walker Remember a lot of those guys played with Eddie Lennon and Malcolm Dibb a little when I first started playing and remember others through my Fathers long association with the club, Denis Exley was his best man. I would suspect this will have been just an odd season at GL for Ronnie Lawson, he played most of his early football and cricket at Guiseley before moving to live in Rawdon whereupon he joined RCC and played for many years, I opened the batting with him for RCC 2nds, he did a lot of work for the RCC juniors and went on to become club president before sadly dying in office. A lovely man.

    Lawrence Walker Graham was a very talented footballer and very good wicketkeeper batsman it just didn't happen though I'm afraid, I remember going up to Newcastle Blue Star to watch him play for Guiseley in the FA Cup with Ronnie and a few others, he got booked early on and his head went. A great lad though

  • Kim Knaggs Awwww thanks for that photo- my grandad Jim Tillotson on back row x

    Jenny Hudson He was a handsome lad that Ronnie Lawson!!

    Rick Hartley Lawrence Walker ronnies son was a decent footballer from memory

  • Joyce Woods But I thought Ronnie Lawson was Rawdon through and through. But respect to him for chemistry A level


My Grandad Walter Luty
06 April 2015
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