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Green Lane 2014

Green Lane, Yeadon 2014

Green Lane
1: January 2014
2 & 3: October 2014
Location Yeadon
Photo ID
1:C453     Photographer Joanne Coultas
2: L060 + K400     Photographer John Arundel
1: Looking across the roundabout on New Road to Green Lane.
On the left is Rawdon Fire Station, then new offices with the chimney of Naylor Jennings Green Lane Mill in the background.
2: Zebra crossing on Green Lane just outside the Fire Station, used by pupils of Benton Park School which is glimpsed above the houses on the left. Houses to the left are on the Greenacre Park estate.

3: Looking across Green Lane from the Yeadon side of the boundary between Yeadon/Rawdon to the rear of Trinity Church which is in Rawdon.

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