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Engine Fields 2014

Engine Fields
Date April 2014
Location Yeadon
Photo ID
I166 + I167 + I168 + J217 + I469     Photographer John Arunel
1: In the foreground is one of the Old Dog Mill ponds which forms part of the Engine Fields nature reserve.
Behind is the clock tower on what was Eddie Denison's Westfield Mill, now part of the Westfield Industrial Estate.
2: Engine Fields nature reserve is a green space developed around old mill ponds, seen here is a memorial to Dick Gibbon.
Dick was a well known Yeadon man, serving on Aireborough Urban District Council and acting as Chairman in 1963.
3: The Engine Fields nature reserve was begun in the 1980s when local man Albert Shutt, with the help of volunteers began to clear up the area around the disused Old Dog Mill ponds.
After fishing out innumerable shopping trolleys and all manner of dumped junk the ponds were cleared.
Trees, shrubs and flowers were planted around the area and wildlife began to inhabit the space, in 1994  the Friends of Engine Fields was formed to continue the work begun by Mr Shutt and his volunteers.
   It is now recognised as a tranquil oasis for birds, pond life and small wild creatures.

4: New spring growth is reflected in the calm waters of an old mill pond at the Engine Fields conservation and wildlife area.

5: Centred around the Old Dog Mill ponds, this area is now a nature reserve.


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