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Derby & Joan Club 1962

Derby & Joan Club
Date 1962
Location Yeadon
Photo ID
P099     Donated by Mary Long
Members of the Derby & Joan Club on the steps of Yeadon Town Hall.
In the front row on the right is Ellen Butterfield, mother of Mary Long who donated the photo.

I remember quite a lot of these by sight and can name one or two ,the big man with the flat cap on the right back
was Joe Haverfield who lived next door to us ,the woman in black three in on the middle row was Mrs Shaw Flesher whose husband kept the school tuck shop,the lady three down from the open door was Ida Watson whose daughter once owned the chocolate box on the high street,I think the man in the flat cap next to her was Fred Eastwood who also kept the paper shop on the right hand side of the high street
06 January 2017
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