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Rufford Park Bowling Club

Rufford Park
Rufford Park Bowling Club
Date Undated
Location Yeadon
Photo ID
B323 + D262 + D263 & D264
Top: Rufford Park is a private bowling green and club situated off Rufford Crescent.
A group of members are pictured with a cup.

Upper and Lower Middle: Members of the bowling club.

Bottom: An individual winner with his trophy, this is possibly a Mr Hepworth


The gentleman on the front row - 2nd front left on the left , is my Great grandfather, Robert Herd. Born in Scotland, he & his wife , Helen , moved to Bradford & then Rufford Park in 1901. Their son Alexander Forbes Herd (my Grandfather) was born in 1902. They also had a daughter, Jennie Herd (Later Myers when married ) who sadly died in 1933.
16 April 2013
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