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BMX / Skateboard Track 2014

BMX / Skateboard Track
Date March 2014
Location Yeadon
Photo ID
D390 + D391 + D392 & D393     Photographer Edwy Harling
This BMX / Skateboard track is located at Yeadon Tarn (Dam), access is from Cemetery Road, it was laid out in the 1980s.

Some comments from our facebook page April 2015
  • James Renton My dad got the original track built in the 80's!
    It was for the dambusters bmx 
  • Alexandrea Barker The Tarn BMX track was originally laid out in the 80's. I remember spraining my ligaments on the table top in 1984, due to my Ladies shopping bike folding mid air!

    Kelly Chadwick I think it's laid on top of an old land fill site, according to the environmental search we had done at the same time as buying our house. Seems an odd place to put a landfill site?

    James Renton The bmx track was built in 1984

    Martin Hainsworth James Renton king of the track british no 1 didnt your dad get it built?


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