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Yeadon Amateur Operatic & Dramatic Society (2)

Amateur Operatic & Dramatic Society
Date March 1966
Location Yeadon
Photo ID
F495 & F496     Photographer Bryan Waite, donated by his family
Members of the society in costume, this would have been taken in Yeadon Town Hall.


5th - 10th December 1952: "The Sunshine Girl", cast members named as Aldyth Rhodes, Joseph W Long who is dressed as a sea captain, he was also the uncle of Gerald Long who donated the photo.

Also Lena Marshall and Jordan William Haworth.


Undated: The donor of this photo Gerald Long thinks these people were all life members of YAODS.

Back row from the left :

Aelred Wilkinson     Joan Denison     Joseph Long, uncle of Gerald Long   Leonard Wilson

Elsie Blackwell     Don Trewarthur

Middle row :

Harry Cook, N.O.D.A Councillor      Kathy Hudson, wife of William    William Hudson

Vina Jordan

Front row:

Rufus Denison   Fred Brown   Clifford Denison   George Patterson


1956: A production of "Wild Violets", the ladies chorus were:

Doris Lupton   E Blackwell   E Birdsall    I Bale   E Birbeck   L Habishaw   E Long   O Smith   

E Newstead     A Taylor    S Hinchliffe    R Taylor   M McCannis and Mrs A Ashcroft who donated the photo.


Mrs P. Paterson
Mrs P. Paterson
Photo D685 - Is it possible that this photo could be 1932 and not 1952? I can positively identify Aldyth Rhodes on the left of the photograph, as she was my mother. Mother would have been in her late 20's in 1932 and the photograph looks very much like other ones taken of her round about that time. I know she was involved with Yeadon Amateurs in the 1930's and met my father Jack Rushworth during the production of 'The Arcadians' (1938?) and they married in 1941. My father took part in some of the productions from 1946 to 1951 but I do not remember my mother being involved in any shows after the war. It was a very pleasant surprise to come across this photograph as I had not seen it before. I remember my parents speaking about some of the people mentioned in some of the photo's, some of the people I met when I was a little girl, others were just familiar names.
14 November 2019
Thanks for the observation Mrs Paterson, I will leave the date as it is for now as I am not sure where the original information came from, but your correction has been noted.
Carlo Harrison
15 November 2019
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