Aireborough Historical Society

Aireborough Historical Society 2007

Aireborough Historical Society
Date 11th January 2007
Location Rawdon
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50th anniversary lunch for the Aireborough Hisorical Society held at Peasehill House Hotel.
At the table on the right are Bob Devereux, Rea Devereux, Linda Gardner and Jean Richardson.

A 50th anniversary lunch for AHS members at Peasehill House, on the left is Audrey Speight, next Irene Lawson.

The other two ladies are Margaret Simmons and Mollie Chadwick.


Lunch to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Aireborough Historical Society held at Peasehill House.

The 3 ladies are Brenda Telford, Betty Schofield and Doreen Chappelow.


1th January 2007: The AHS 50th anniversary lunch held at the Peasehill Hotel, in this photo are Pam and Alan Beck, Yopie Murphy, Muriel Kirkbright, Bob and Kathleen.


January 11th 2007:  Amy Schofield, Roger Mills, Margaret Burton and Josie Hey,  members of the AHS enjoying a lunch at the Peasehill Hotel to celebrate the society's 50th anniversary.


January 2007: Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Aireborough Historical Society are members having lunch at Peasehill House, Rawdon.

Present here are Bob and Joyce Girt (left), Muriel Kirkbright, Tony Wintle, Shirley Mills, Audrey Speight, Norman Holroyd, Vera Firth, Rea Devereux, Frank and Marjorie Darfield.


January 11th 2007:  The 50th anniversary of Aireborough Historical Society, celebrated with a lunch at Peasehill House. Seen in this photo are:-

Jean Richardson, Julie Widderson, Amy Schofield, Roger Mills, Margaret Burton, Josie Hey, Linda Gardener, Jean Harrison, Vera Firth and Irene Lawson.


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