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Aireborough Grammar School Staff and Pupils 1946

Aireborough Grammar School 1946
Aireborough Grammar School 1946Aireborough Grammar School 1946Aireborough Grammar School 1946Aireborough Grammar School 1946
Aireborough Grammar School Staff and Pupils
Date 1946
Location Yeadon
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FB419 + FB420 + FB421 + FB422 & FB423     Images donated by Roland Waite
Pupils and Staff of Aireborough Grammar School posing with the rest of the school for this panoramic image.


FB421 Male Staff members
extreme right Dr Tillotson,( Tilly Ben) to us,was still there up to the early 60's. Brilliant physics teacher and noted seismologist, had several books and papers published on Seismology. I Believe he went to work for UN in Geneva as a Consultant Seismologist after retiring from AGS.

To the left of Dr. Tillotson is Dr White (Sarcy) nicknamed for his withering criticism of anything less than perfectly spoken Queens English. Taught English Lit and Language, possibly R.I. He was a stickler for Protocol,Manners,Respect and Obedience. In my time at AGS (59-63) he was well respected amongst the boys in my year simply because he insisted on discipline and was not scared of anyone. He could shred the roughest toughest bad lads with his tongue.

At the opposite end of the staff line extreme left, is Mrs James (Jesse) to ,us Cowboys.I believe her proper name was Cynthia James, she served as Deputy Head and senior Mistress for the Girls in my era,James MacDonald being the Head at that time.
I don't know what her subjects were,as I had nothing to do with her. A bit of a tyrant I suppose, in a schoolboy humour sort of way.
28 January 2015
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