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Aireborough Boys Club 1971

Aireborough Boys Club Title
Aireborough Boys Club
Date 1971
Location Yeadon
Photo ID
FB005 (Donated by Christine Phillips)
This was a dress rehearsal for the Top Youth Club competition, the club won this title 4 times.
This photo was posted on our facebook page and received a host of comments and name recognition from the people in the photo or their relatives.
The names we know are:
Graham Wilkinson: Philip Mangam (deceased): Andrew Emsley: David North: Dougie Forkin: Jeremy Sample: John Wilkinson: Graham Wilkinson
Charlie Hathaway: Joyce: Andrew Thompson: Richard Glendinning: Mike Arnold (Australian)
Christine Hathaway: Karen Wood: Kim Hewitt: Jill Myers: Alan Preston: Margaret Calverley: Anne Butterfield: Judith Johnson: Eric Blackwell: Jean Butterfield
Jim Holden: Pat Starkie: David Johnson (Deceased) Kathleen Warrent.

Contact us if you know any other names and if you can place the names in order.


Hya just a little error, it’s philip Mangan not mangam 😂 only being picky because I’m a mangan too 😂😂
03 July 2018
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