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Aerial View 1935

Yeadon 1935

Aerial View
Date 29th June 1935
Location Yeadon
Photo ID
I137 & I139
Top: Running left of centre from top to bottom is High Street then Town Street (Steep) and Kirk Lane. The Town Hall is located in the upper centre, the Wesleyan Methodist Chapel and Burial Ground lie to the right of the Town Hall with Harper Lane in the upper right corner.
    All the vanished yards and streets of old Yeadon are seen in this photo including those in the Well  Lane / Abbey Lane  and Chapel Lane areas. In the lower section on the left is James Ive's Manor Mill to the right are the Temperance Hall and the Old Dog Mill.
Bottom: At a slight diagonal across the top left corner is the High Street then Town Street (Steep).
Ivegate is the loop shape joining the High Street in the top left corner, turning into Harper Lane towards the right.
The Temperance Hall is just on the left edge above the Old Dog Mill, top centre is the Wesleyan Methodist Chapel and Burial Ground with Harper Lane to the right.
South View School is in the top right corner, below the school are the newer houses on Brooklands Crescent and Drive with Henshaw Lane coming in from the mid right edge.


I'd like to thank whoever was responsible for this photo of Yeadon in my childhood ,It's wonderful to see the etreets
Where I ran free as a child and the houses where i was born and lived tinto my teenage years.I was born on the Green in the house at right angles to the"Oddfellows arms" and lived at times in Howarth Lane , and later in Varleys Fold and went to the pictures and pantomimes at the Temperance hall.and also went to Sunday School in a room underneath the picture house, when the picture ended we would rush up to Walt Claphams Fish shop for a bag of chips or to Machells Pea shop for a plate of peas.,Wonderful to see the old shops where we went shopping,,Archie Marshall's fish shop and next door the green grocers ,Shuttleworth's Butchers,Nancy Flesher's Dress shop ,Donny Whites Papershop I can still name all the families who lived in Varleys Fold and some of the
Pweople who lived in harper terrace .This has made me very Happy Many thanks Carlo .
Wednesday, August 26, 2015
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