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Luty, Albert

Albert Luty

Albert Luty

Location Yeadon
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Albert Luty was aged 29 when he tragically died during a local cricket match on Wednesday August 23rd 1883. 
Joseph Merritt Preston, a fast bowler caught Albert on the head with a cricket ball, a blow which proved fatal. 
A Batley newspaper described the incident 
"The ball was fairly pitched but twisted queerly when near the wicket. Luty was in a bent position and seemed about to strike it when it suddenly rose and caught him on the temples". 
To add to the tragedy, Albert had only been married for 9 days. 
He was buried in Yeadon Cemetery.
Joseph Merritt Preston bowled for England and Yorkshire, in 1890 he caught a chill and died aged 26.
He too was buried in Yeadon Cemetery, only yards away from Albert.

August 1883: Death of Albert Luty, Yeadon

"Yesterday Mr Barstow, Coroner, held an inquest at the Town Hall, Yeadon touching the death of Albert Luty who died from the effects of a blow from a cricket ball while playing in a match at Yeadon on Wednesday.

    The evidence went to show that in playing a ball delivered by J M Preston, the deceased, who was of short stature, stooped and stepped out to the ball.

He failed to hit it and so it rose suddenly and while he was in a stooping attitude it hit him on the left temple causing instant death.

     A verdict to that effect  was returned and Preston was exonerated from all blame the occurrence being purely accidental.

The Coroner, at the request of the jury, undertook to forward a note of condolence to the relatives of the deceased.

The funeral will take place this afternoon".

Further text by Christine Lovedale

Albert was aged only 29 when he died and tragically had only been married for 9 days, he was buried in Yeadon Cemetery.

Joseph Merritt Preston was a fast bowler who played for England and Yorkshire, he too was to die young at 26 after catching a chill in 1890.

He was also buried in Yeadon Cemetery, only a few yards away from Albert's grave.

Image courtesy of the British Newspaper Archives, research by Edwy Harling


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