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Surname Hardaker
Date of photograph
1: November 2014
2,3: January 2015
Location Yeadon Cemetery
Grid Ref.
1: A45
2: B68
3: B69
Kelly Chadwick

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From our facebook page 24th July 2015:-

Andy Waddicor Just about, although there wasn't a granddaughter named Ruth.

Samuel Hardaker married Elizabeth Long in 1831. They had a daughter Ruth Hardaker in 1832.

Ruth married James Slater Ibbitson in 1864 (James was registered as Slater)... they lived in Moor Lane...

Marriages Jun 1864
Hardaker Ruth Wharfedale 9a 230
Ibbitson Slater Wharfedale 9a 230

James Slater Ibbitson & Ruth (now) Ibbitson had a son Henry Hardaker Ibbitson b.1866 who married Maria Emsley in 1887, Henry's middle name taken from his mother's maiden name.

Marriages Dec 1887
IBBITSON Henry Hardaker Wharfedale 9a 274
Emsley Maria Wharfedale 9a 274

Henry H Ibbitson & Maria in turn had a daughter Leonora b.1899 (granddaughter of James Slater Ibbitson, GREAT granddaughter of Samuel and Elizabeth Hardaker) who passed in 1901.

Stepping back a couple of generations again, Mary Fieldhouse nee Hardaker (b.1845) married Rawnsley Fieldhouse in 1867. They also lived in Moor Lane and had at least 4 children, including Thomas who is buried with his mother in this grave. Looking at the names of the other children, and their address also on Moor Lane, It would be fair to assume that Mary Fieldhouse (nee Hardaker) was the sister of Ruth Hardaker, and daughter of Samuel and Elizabeth Hardaker (Ruth E below [niece of Ruth Ibbotson] was Ruth ELIZABETH)...

1881 census

Rawnsley Fieldhouse Head M 36 Yeadon, Yorkshire, England
**Mary Fieldhouse** Wife F 35 Yeadon, Yorkshire, England
**Tom Fieldhouse** Son M 13 Yeadon, Yorkshire, England
Frank H Fieldhouse Son M 11 Leeds, Yorkshire, England
Ruth E Fieldhouse Daughter F 6 Yeadon, Yorkshire, England
Samuel Fieldhouse Son M 4 Yeadon, Yorkshire, England

So these are all descendants (plus spouses) of Samuel Hardaker and Elizabeth (nee Long).
Andy Waddicor (Frank H Fieldhouse in the census was as you can guess Frank HARDAKER Fieldhouse)


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