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Bailey, Margaret

Margaret Bailey
Margaret BaileyMargaret BaileyMargaret BaileyMargaret Bailey
Margaret Bailey
Date Undated
Location Yeadon
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1: The two characters were played by Charlotte Jones (Nee Marshall) and Margaret Bailey who was married to Frank Chaney. 
2: Margaret Bailey posing on stage at the Theatre Royal (Peeps).

3: Margaret Bailey at the Theatre Royal (Peeps) acting as a male impersonator.

4: Margaret Bailey featured male impersonations as part of her act. 
A few women became famous in Music Halls with this kind of performance, notably Vesta Tilley who made the song "Burlington Bertie" famous.

5: Miss Margaret Bailey, her stage act was male impersonation. 
Her father Tom Bailey was one of the founder members of the People's Theatre (Peeps), his two daughters Margaret and Laura often appeared as principals in the pantomimes there. 
The family lived in a small yard behind the Robin Inn which faced onto George Street
6: Margaret Bailey often performed as a male impersonator but is seen here in women's wear.

7: Wearing evening dress, Margaret Bailey male impersonator.

8: Appearing together in pantomime for the final time, Gladys Walker is on the left, Margaret Bailey is on the right. 
The venue was Yeadon Temperance Hall.

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