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Bailey, Evelyn

Evelyn Bailey (left)
Evelyn Bailey Evelyn Bailey
Evelyn Bailey
Date 1: 1912
 2 & 3: Undated
4: 1920s
Location Yeadon
Photo ID
E030 + K14 + K15 & K16
1: Aladdin Pantomime, Yeadon
Two children who were appearing in the pantomime, Evelyn Bailey is on the left, Dolly Waterhouse on the right.
This was at the Theatre Royal (Peeps)

 2: Evelyn Bailey who frequently acted in local shows and pantomimes.

3: In this image Evelyn is wearing a head-dress and holding spring flowers. She often appeared in local amateur productions.
4: Evelyn Bailey is seated on the left. 
Dolly Waterhouse wears a dress with "Good Luck" on the sash, it is also decorated with black cats. 
The two girls appeared together in many local shows.



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