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St Peter's School (part 3)

St Peters School
Date 1976
Location Rawdon
Photo ID
R275     Donated by Christine Kirkbride
This was the school football team, the donor of the photo Christine Kirkbride Cavney told us "My husband Paul Cavney (2nd left top row) was in the football team 1975/76.
They were coached by Mr Coates who spent his entire teaching career at the school, he was a very liked and respected teacher by everyone who met him.
My husband would be delighted if anyone can recognise themselves in the photo".
Greg Ayrton Can't quite get them all, and hopefully haven't given anybody the wrong name, but here goes: Front row. Tim Mills, Greg Ayrton, Graham Lawson, Andrew Hayward. Middle row, Andrew Herbert, Chris Williams, Andrew Rowley, ?, Michael War, John Penny. Back Row, Pat West, Paul Caveney, ?, Alan Williamson, ?, ?, David Houghton. Think one of those I can't recognise will be Matthew Horn.

1973: A staff photo, some names have been noted:

Janet Friel   Mrs Sheppard    George Crompton    Ralph Ward    Sue Settle    Christine ?

Christine Hobson  Nora Waterhouse

Undated: The school junior orchestra which was comprised of 3 cellos   9 recorders   8 violins

2 trumpets     2 clarinets    1 oboe.

Donated by George Crompton


1964/65: Photo of class S, names supplied as:

Back row left to right:

Kate Gass   Amanda ?   Pamela Anderson   David ?   ?   Joanne ?   Bev Shutt

3rd row left to right:

Ruth Beecroft   Elizabeth Crompton   Linda Routh   Mark Dutton   Ruth Whitaker   ?   

Nick Cottle   ?

2nd row seated, left to right:

 ?   ?   Anne Farrar   ?   Alison Kelly   Timothy ?   Diane Install   Victoria ?   ?

Front row left to right:   ? Slater   ?   Anne Mawson   ?   Chris Sykes


1960/61: The school football team, donated by George Crompton.


1960: A class photo donated by George Crompton.


1958: A photo of the school staff: Mavis Jackson    Eva Woodcock    

George Crompton (donor of the photo )   Eric Silletto     Miss Sullivan     Sally Murgatroyd . 


1962: The school football team, standing at the back is teacher George Crompton who donated the photo.


1956: Staff photo showing George Crompton, Eva Woodcock, Eric Silletto, Maud Jackson and Sally Murgatroyd.

Donated by George Crompton 


1965: A staff photo. from right to left are : Christine Hobson, Vera Turnbull, George Crompton,

David Jones, Maud Jackson, Eva Woodcock.


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