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St Peter's School (part 2)

St Peters School
Date 1955
Location Rawdon
Photo ID
V423 & V424

School football team named as :

Back row, left to right : Alan Farrar     Terry Pullan   Peter Ward    ?    Malcolm Pullan

Tony ?    Richard Gill

Front row left to right :  Bobby Pickard      Paul Metcalfe    Barry Stead    Michael Waugh

George Pickard (twin brother of Bobby on the left).

Seated boy in front unknown.

Donated by Paul Metcalfe


1954: Class photo, names supplied by the donor of the image Paul Metcalfe.

Back row from left to right :  ? Saxton        Tony ?      Alan Farrar        ?

Peter Ward         Fredrick Buckingham      Terry Pullan      Richard Gill     Michael Waugh

3rd row left to right :     Catherine ?     Janet Outhwaite       Hazel Brayshaw     ?      ?

     ?     Susan Jubb

2nd row :  Valerie Hoare is 8th in from the left

Front row :   Nigel Pratt    Paul Barrett    Billy Todd      ?     Barry Stead     Paul Metcalfe 

(donor)    Alistair Milner


1960: The Mad Hatter's tea party scene from a production of Alice in Wonderland.

Donated by George Crompton


1960: The full cast of Alice in Wonderland in costume.

Donated by George Crompton


1959: Class 7 pose for their school photo.

Donated by George Crompton


1960: Class 7 sit for their school photo.

Donated by George Crompton


Undated: Photo of class 7 donated by George Crompton who also supplied the following names:

Louise Acaster    Joanna Forkins    Elaine Hargreaves    Joanne Long     Sarah Tate

Rebecca Reid    Joanne Drew    James Hargreaves    Ian Russell    Adam Wainwright

James Wood    Tracy Wright    Samantha Allinson    Stephen Fox    Katy Botton 

Richard Broadhead    Victoria Mosley    Wendy Ayton    Helen Mathers    

Christopher M Brown    Sarah Timms    Claire Sutcliffe    Sarah Watson   Giles Brown

Jonathan Eden   Jonathan Bates    Gaynor Collinson    Matthew Newbould

Richard Berkeley


Undated: School football team with trophy and mascot.

Donated by George Crompton


Val Ryan (nee Hoare)
Val Ryan (nee Hoare)
W122 I can fill in the gaps Alistair Milner (you lived behind me across the field that was, in I think Stoneycroft Cottage!
I remember your Mum and Dad Phyllis (teacher) and Wilf and sister Gail
Think back row was Raymond Saxon then Anthony Dawson and I think ? is Rodney Palliser
Girls left to right Catherine Binns Janet Outhwaite Hazel (Duffy) Brayshaw Janet Tavender Maureen Kershaw Gloria Carlisle Susan Jubb
Pat Kingston Pat Hodgson Rita Smith Janet Rhodes Susan Elliott Susan Ashmore Janet Gommersall Valerie Hoare (me) and Anita Smith
Unknown on front row middle I think was Robert (lived in Horsforth I think cannot remember surname)

Happy Days in our new school
09 December 2018
George Pickard
George Pickard
V423 & V424 School Football Team
Back row centre was Michael King. He lived in Layton Lane.

W122 Front row centre I think was Robert Featherstone.

Happy Days
31 October 2019
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