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St Peters Church

St. Peters ChurchSt. Peters ChurchSt. Peters Church (reverse)St. Peters Church
St. Peters Church
St. Peters Church
Date Undated
Location Rawdon
Photo ID
A314 + B225 + G079 & A313
Top: This is a drawing of the church as it would have looked in the 17th Century.

Upper Middle: St Peters Church on Town Street is the Parish Church for Rawdon, this view looks across monuments in the graveyard.
On the reverse is a message:
" Dear Auntie last week at Yeadon there was a fire at Mr Browns mill ( 1906?). My mother is making cakes for Christmas. Love from all W Mallinson"
It is addressed to Miss L Webster c/o Mrs Horsfall, Hayfield, Crosshills.

Lower Middle: It must have been autumn when the photo was taken, the grass is littered with fallen leaves.

Bottom: Francis Layton instigated the building of St Peter's Church as a Chapel of Ease for the Parish of Guiseley in 1645.
Due to the troubled times (English Civil War 1642-1651, then Cromwell's Commonwealth until the Restoration of the Monarchy in 1660) it took many years to erect the church. Francis Layton died in 1661, leaving his son Henry to continue with the building.
It was finally consecrated in 1684.
A tower was added in 1707 then the church was largely rebuilt in 1864 by architect Alexander Crawford at a cost of £1,200.
More alterations were carried out in later years, the former school the "Institute" was converted to a dwelling the £15.000 from this sale paying for the ST Peter's Room which was opened in 1980.



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