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Bottoms Farm

Bottoms FarmBottoms Farm
Bottoms Farmhouse
Date Undated
Location Rawdon
Photo ID
A170 & M183

 Top: The farmhouse was situated between Plane Tree (Bayton Lane) and Rawdon Billing, it was part of the Layton Estate until 1740 then until 1928 it was part of the Emmott Estate.

An early occupant was Samuel Cowper, a Quaker, then William Preston who used a horse-powered scribbling mill in the farmyard.

His nephew John Croft was the next householder, around 1830 William Croft was in residence followed by his son John who was a woolcomber.
William Croft was the grandfather of Isaac Croft who made his living as a carrier, using horse drawn vehicles then motorised transport.
In the 1880s, General Green-Emmott who owned the farm had a Lincolnshire family called Bemrose to work the land for the Estate.
Later, 1890, Samuel Langley was the farmer followed by Thompson Dixon of Miry Lane, Yeadon in 1895, his widow continued to live on there after his death.
Finally, Thomas Penny of Low Green resided there.

In 1928 the farm was demolished and the land taken by Horsforth Waterworks.
The age of the house is apparent in this image, the left portion appears to be older. The additional building to the right of the man partly conceals the line of an older entrance.

A butter churn is under the window.

Bottom: Seen outside the farmhouse with cattle are, from left to right, Francis Dixon   John Denison   Joseph Dixon   ?




There are some foundations remaining
23 November 2012
The foundations are in a dip
24 November 2012
Can this be seen on Google Maps?
24 November 2012
My Grandma is listed as living here in 1901. Anne Salome Lupton, She was the Grandaughter of Thompson Dixon.
21 June 2013
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