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Benton Players "The Passing of the Third Floor Back" 1926

Benton Players
Benton Players
Benton Players "The Passing of the Third Floor Back"
Date 27th March 1926
Location Rawdon
Photo ID
E138 & E139
Top: This photo was taken outside the schoolroom of Benton Congregational Chapel, most of the the cast have been named but are not precisely identified.
Present were Donald Parker  Roy Meldrum   Kathleen Parker  Jean McCluskey   Marguerite McIntyre  Charles Assell  David Ellis  Dora Creasey   Edna Gill   John Cree  Elsie Hyde. Betty Cree is the lady second from the right in front. 
   The play was adapted from a short story by Jerome K Jerome and revolves around the residents of a seedy London boarding house.

Bottom: Cast members of Benton Players who were Roy Meldrum   Kathleen Parker  David Ellis   Charles Assell   John Cree    Edna Gill  James McCluskey    Marguerite McIntyre    Elsie Hyde   Donald Parker   Dora Creasey and Betty Cree (last lady on the right)

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