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Benton Players "Quality Street" 1925

Benton Players
Benton PlayersBenton Players
Benton PLayers "Quality Street"
Date 23rd November 1925
Location Rawdon
Photo ID
E140 + E141 & E142
Top: Quality Street is a play by J M Barrie, it tells the story of two sisters who begin a school for refined genteel children.
The cast were back row, left to right, Margaret Gilbert   David Ellis   Betty Cree   Donald Parker   John Cree   James McCluskey  Edna Gill   George Roberts
Seated left to right   Dora Creasey  Marguerite McIntyre Rene Varley  Nancy Creasey

Middle: Entire cast of Quality Street, on the back row left to right are Dora Creasey  George Roberts   Edna Gill    James McCluskey   ? John Cree    Donald Parker    Margaret Gilbert   David Ellis   Betty Cree
Front row left to right  Frank Ellis    Wilfred Trumper     Cerinthia Gascoigne      Robert Caunce    Rene Varley  Marguerite McIntyre    Margery Caunce    Harry Winfield    Irene Denison   Ralph Ellis

Bottom: A dance sequence from Quality Street, on the left is Rene Varley, following to the right are Margery Caunce    Frank Ellis (with dunce's cap)    Wilfred Trumper      Irene Denison     Ralph Ellis (standing behind)     Harry Winfield      Cerinthia Gascoigne    Robert Caunce    Marguerite McIntyre


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