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Benton Players "Milestones" 1931

Benton PlayersBenton PlayersBenton Players
Benton Players "Milestones"
Date 1931
Location Rawdon
Photo ID
E149 + E150 & E151
Top: Edgar Sutcliffe is playing the butler on the left with a coffee pot.
The other cast members were left to right:    David Ellis     Edna Gill
Kathleen Dawson     Dora Creasey      Harry Wright    Ralph Ellis

Middle: In this scene the cast were from left to right:    Frank Ellis    Nancy Creasey    Dora Creasey     Edgar Sutcliffe (butler)    David Ellis    Edna Gill      Edna Witham       Charles Grimshaw      Rene Varley       Ralph Ellis

Bottom: Some of the Benton Players, left to right are:  Edgar Sutcliffe     Nancy Creasey    Rene Varley    Edna Gill    David Ellis   Ralph Ellis   Dora Creasey    Frank Ellis    Harry Wright.

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