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Benton Park School Football Teams 1961/62

Benton Park School Football Teams 1961/2
Benton Park School Football Team 1961/62
Benton Park School Football Teams
Date 1961/62
Location Rawdon
Photo ID
FB434 & FB435    Images donated by Howard German
Top: Under 15s team, some of the boys have been named:

Back row left to right: Charles Emsley   ?   Tony Malinson   ?   Bob Stokes   Martin Girt   Barry Vine

3rd row left to right: ?   ?   ?   Alex Stokes   Pete Myers   Howard German   ?

2nd row left to right: Guy Barie   Andy Myers   ?   ?   ?   ?   ?
Front row left to right: ?   David Gibson   ?   Lee Womersley   ?   ?   ?   ?

Sat in front on the left is Brian Hudson, the boy on the right is un named.

Bottom: Under 15s football team, most of the boys have been named :

Back row left to right:  Martin Girt   Howard German   ?   Sam Gamble   Barry Vine

Middle row left to right:  Alex Stokes   Charles Emsley   David Gibson   Andy Myers   Guy Barie

Front left to right:  Mr Danson  (P E Teacher)   Lee Womersley  
Mr Elliot (Headmaster)   Brian Hudson   ?

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