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Benton Park School 1969

Benton Park School
Date June 1969
Location Rawdon
Photo ID
G172     Photographer Bryan Waite, donated by his family.
The opening of the Summer Fair, the man signing autographs was possibly a TV personality.

Facebook Comments:

  • Richard Hoban:  I'm sure ex-Bentonians of that era will recognise Cyril Elliot the Headmaster. He was the first Head when the new school was completed in May 1959. Pupils started to join the school ( I believe ) in the following September. He appointed me in April 1972 as a Science Teacher. Cyril retired in summer 1975. Les Overend, the Deputy Head at the time, took over as the interim Head until Jeffrey Smith became Head in 1976.

    • Ian Wray I was there from 73 to 78. I remember you Richard, but of course you were called Mr then. Other science teachers were Mrs Peck, Mr Beaver and Mr Dulake (great shot with a blackboard rubber).

  • Jill Broadwell:  Margaret Calverley is that you in the centre?

    • Margaret Calverley Yes it is - ha ha - lol xxx Cant even remember who's autograph I was trying to get though x

      Jill Broadwell:  Thought so lol you don't change much x

      Douglas G Greenfield:  Its Simon Welfare a YTV presenter around the time of Austin Mitchell :-)


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