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Benton Park School 1968

Benton Park School, Rawdon 1968/69

Benton Park Schoo
Date 1968/69
Location Rawdon
Photo ID
FBA112     Donated by Sam Kilburn
G188 + J407      Photographer Bryan Waite, donated by his family.
1: Back row left to right:  
?   Phil Howell   Tom Roberts   Martin Little   Fred Davey   Tony Dunn   ?

Front row left to right :
Robert Taylor   Steven Drake   Michael Paget   Robin Carter   John Kilburn   Andrew Cockings

2: June 1968. Gala Day, a crowd have gathered round the coconut shy
3: Photo taken on Speech Day, presumably these pupils were awarded prizes.
facebook comments 31st July 2017:-

John Myers Marcia Noddings front left,next to her is Liz now Gregory. Girl on the left at the back I think is Joan Riley and I think thats her brother next to her they did come from either Canada or New Zealand.

Christine Holmes
Christine Holmes Yes Joan did come from abroad. Cannot remember if it was Canada or New Zealand. She was a good friend and in my year.

Christine Hathaway Phillips That's it. Noddings. I remember her doing gymnastics and going to the Youth club

Teena Mitchell I recognise 5 of these people from AGS when I started there in Sept1968

Teena Mitchell Can't remember names as I was much younger but the three left middle and the two girls front right.

Maggie Whitehead At the time I don't think Benton had a sixth form so to do A levels you went to AGS. Benton's sixth form didn't start until 1969 - I think as that was the year I left - aka Margaret Shutt

Christine Hathaway Phillips My memories bad but is that Marcia Higgins 1st girl front row

Elvy Harrison-Box Yes it looks like Marcia but thought her name was Williams.

Elvy Harrison-Box Not sure but was the girl behind Marcia from New Zealand?

Christine Hathaway Phillips Gosh Elvy I don't know, higgins just came in my head Lol. Your probably correct 😊

Angela Rust I recognise the boys( mm, surprising!). Was there an option to transfer to Aireborough at a younger age? I mean, earlier than 6th form?

Judith Archdale Front row on the right - Lynda Beilby


Tim & Joan were from Canada
07 November 2018
Tim and Joan were from Canada, their mum was a GI bride
08 April 2019
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