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Benton Congregational Church 1956

Benton Congregational Church, Rose Queen
Date 1956
Location Rawdon
Photo ID
C476     Donated by Val Ryan (nee Hoare)
The name of the Queen is unknown, this was an annual event at the church and an honour to be chosen.
The attendant on the left is Janet Emsley of Batter Lane, to the right is Valerie Hoare of High Royd, Larkfield Avenue.
Val's mother made the attendants dresses from pink seersucker, plus the head dresses, both girls wore pink lace gloves  decorated with pearls.
Her mother often arranged the flowers in the church and her father was a church warden until he died in 1966.


Sorry I could not remember your name Rose Queen think you may have been Barbara or maybe the sister of Howard Atkinson? If anyone out there can remember would love to know. The grey matter isn't quite what it used to be! We all used to have such fun at Benton Congregationalist Church (now Trinity) Birthday Effort every year and Pea and Pie Suppers, concerts, plays and Bring and Buy Sales. It was a real family church where everyone
"mucked in". Would love to see posts from anyone that can remember those days. Names I can recall, The Elliotts, Foggitts, Atkinsons, Brooksbanks, Miss Corner, Grace Verity (sister of the great Hedley) Widdops,
The lovely Rev Tom Davies and family, Rev Wilkins and family
30 May 2015
Just remembered it was Barbara WINFIELD, I had forgotten Susan Elliott jogged my memory for me a while back!
I remember there was a Harry and an Arthur Winfield. Barbara was very quiet and shy hence I had forgotten her -sorry Queen Barbara.

Valerie Ryan (nee Hoare)
30 May 2015
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